Self-Publishing Your Book


Build your online book business.  Create and sell ebooks.  Paper books can be easily sold with Amazon's Print On Demand service. 



You can self publish your book, in electronic form, as an ebook, selling it online as a download, using a service such as (This service was suggested by one ebook self-publisher.) 

Printed Books

You can self-publish your book, in printed form, using a Print On Demand service called "Create Space", an Company , which prints each book, as it's ordered by customers through


Find a strategy to get your message heard over the din of a noisy Internet.

You need a Marketing website

Create a Video Promo. [eBook trailer]

Create Mini Documentaries about what your subject is. 

These videos, containing your url link, feed traffic back to your site and focus traffic on your book.

Each Youtube video upload can automatically notify your Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Google+ feed, Linkedin feed, blog feeds, etc.

Allow people to subscribe to your blog.

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