Social Media Pages & Marketing

It is essential to have your business page existing on all major social networks, that contain members of your target audience.  Your business page presents an easy point of contact with your audience, interested in following your updates.  Use quality images that represent how you want your brand seen.  Have a consistent brand image on all Social Web Pages, that reinforces how you want your audience to see your business.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing, to give you an idea of what you can be doing to market your business.  

Contact: Peter Feuersenger for a free assessment of your needs.

YouTube channel

Everest Therapeutics 

This channel features a series of stretching videos that have been popular.  So far the channel has over 1,440 subscribers and over 2.1 million individual views.

Youtube channel

Promoting the book "Why Do Numbers Count, Making Numerology Credible & Easy to Learn" by Lance Shaler. 

Facebook Page

Click4Time Online Appointment Booking Solutions

Created the cover photo.

Facebook page

Vancouver Singles

This Facebook page is a connection for Singles in Vancouver, BC.

Twitter Account

Hillier Water Gardens Twitter Feed

Here there are tweets about products, etc.

Social Web Setup

A 4 hour coaching session, where I help you set up your Social Web Pages  (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, etc).  This includes your custom images,titles, key information and important Links. Social Media Marketing ideas are provided free of charge.  Your web presence will be improved.  


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