Video Production - Broadcast Yourself

A well-designed Internet video is the most powerful social media tool to communicate your message.  Peter Feuersenger is an award winning video producer, of marketing videos that met their communication objectives. He works hard to achieve your communication objectives, while making your video the best it can be, to impress your viewers. 

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Investor Marketing

Logging truck Pacific Forest Products

Growing Gold - Pacific Forest Products Ltd.

This 6 minute, 1994 ITVA Golden Maple winner kicked off the investor road shows that raised $130 million for Pacific Forest Products.  The CEO said it was the "star of the show" both in North America and Europe.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer, 2nd Camera.

Health & Wellness

Everest Therapeutics - downtown Vancouver

A series of Stretching Videos featured on the Everest Therapeutics YouTube Channel.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Employee Education

The Boardroom

Produced for McDonalds Restaurants to inform all employees of a new, upcoming TV & print advertising campaign promoting special offers. 

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Special Effects, Shooting Script Writer.

Movie Scenes

Forbidden Fruit

Pre-production scenes for a feature-length thriller in development.

While doing night surveillance to put himself through college, Johnny sees his best friend run off hand-in-hand with his wild new girlfriend from the scene of a brutal murder. 

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Writer, Director

Investor Marketing

Rainy River Fort Francis mill

Rainy River, Ready to Roll

This 5 minute video introduced the international investor road shows that launched one of the largest initial public stock offerings in Canadian history.  The issue raised nearly half a billion dollars for the new company.  Winner of the 1995 ITVA Bronze Oak.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer.

Equipment Promo

Wexxar Packaging Machinery Ltd.

Promotional Information Video.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer, Editor.

Fashion Video

Levi Special Edition blue jeans

Created for Bootlegger to promote their exclusive line of Levi Special Edition blue jeans, in stores across Canada.  A romantic story unfolds, with the cast of characters in jeans.  The original song was composed for the story expressed in this video.

Peter Feuersenger Credits:  Producer, Director, Camera, Shooting Script Writer, Editor. 


Psychic Avenger - Black Comedy

PRIME TIME MAGAZINE described Psychic Avenger as a "funny blend of detective and sci-fi genres, with a private investigator named Marlow becoming involved in a bizarre parapsychology experiment at the university.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Writer, Director, Camera, Special Effects, Editor.

Employee Recruiting

Bootlegger Employee Recruiting Video

Created for Bootlegger Fashion Wear Stores,  in 1987, for use at job fairs, etc.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Writing Shooting Script, Edit. 

Shortly after graduating from the UBC Film Program, Peter Feuersenger produced this video for Bootlegger Fashion Wear Stores, using their own employees as actors.