Video Shows Produced & Directed by Peter Feuersenger, B.A. (film)

From Investor Marketing Videos to Independent Movie Making, Peter Feuersenger, B.A. (film), has a wide range of skills and experience that he can bring to your next video production. 

Investor Marketing

Logging truck Pacific Forest Products

Growing Gold - Pacific Forest Products Ltd.

This 6 minute, 1994 ITVA Golden Maple winner kicked off the investor road shows that raised $130 million for Pacific Forest Products.  The CEO said it was the "star of the show" both in North America and Europe.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer, 2nd Camera.

Health & Wellness

Everest Therapeutics - downtown Vancouver

A series of Stretching Videos featured on the Everest Therapeutics YouTube Channel.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Employee Education

The Boardroom

Produced for McDonalds Restaurants to inform all employees of a new, upcoming TV & print advertising campaign promoting special offers. 

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Special Effects, Shooting Script Writer.

Movie Scenes

Forbidden Fruit

Pre-production scenes for a feature-length thriller in development.

While doing night surveillance to put himself through college, Johnny sees his best friend run off hand-in-hand with his wild new girlfriend from the scene of a brutal murder. 

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Writer, Director

Investor Marketing

Rainy River Fort Francis mill

Rainy River, Ready to Roll

This 5 minute video introduced the international investor road shows that launched one of the largest initial public stock offerings in Canadian history.  The issue raised nearly half a billion dollars for the new company.  Winner of the 1995 ITVA Bronze Oak.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer.

Equipment Promo

Wexxar Packaging Machinery Ltd.

Promotional Information Video.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Shooting Script Writer, Editor.

Fashion Video

Levi Special Edition blue jeans

Created for Bootlegger to promote their exclusive line of Levi Special Edition blue jeans, in stores across Canada.  A romantic story unfolds, with the cast of characters in jeans.  The original song was composed for the story expressed in this video.

Peter Feuersenger Credits:  Producer, Director, Camera, Shooting Script Writer, Editor. 


Psychic Avenger - Black Comedy

PRIME TIME MAGAZINE described Psychic Avenger as a "funny blend of detective and sci-fi genres, with a private investigator named Marlow becoming involved in a bizarre parapsychology experiment at the university.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Writer, Director, Camera, Special Effects, Editor.

Employee Recruiting

Bootlegger Employee Recruiting Video

Created for Bootlegger Fashion Wear Stores,  in 1987, for use at job fairs, etc.

Peter Feuersenger Credits: Producer, Director, Writing Shooting Script, Edit. 

Shortly after graduating from the UBC Film Program, Peter Feuersenger produced this video for Bootlegger Fashion Wear Stores, using their own employees as actors.