Web Design

The design of your website depends on your communication objectives and the needs of your visitors.  People on the move require a mobile application, so having a responsive template that adjusts its design to any mobile device, is a good solution.  It's important to consider that bandwidth available in the wireless, mobile environment, can be significantly less than bandwidth available through cable, for desktop devices.  In mobile devices, video files consume a great amount of bandwidth, which your visitors must pay for. Don't surprise them with extra costs, by auto-playing a video.  Larger files also require longer load times, which results in visitors leaving your site, before the load finishes. Present the opportunity to view large files, as an option and not a requirement. 

Contact: Peter Feuersenger

Free Website

You can have a free website, with free hosting and free default domain. Popular free website providers include Google, Wordpress, Wix, etc. You get a basic, professional website, with design limitations, that is secured and software-upgraded by your provider.  You need to set it up and provide the content.

Google is an excellent choice for a free website, which includes Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. Your website can be integrated with your Google+ (social network) account, Gmail, Video Chat, 10GB Cloud Storage, Online Office Tools, etc., all free!  Google lets you use a custom domain name for your Google website at $10/year. Google has a low cost business program if you need greater online capacity. You can setup and design your website yourself, or hire Peter Feuersenger to do it for you.  You will be ready to post your content and attract a following. 

Google Blog Package

Movie Business Plan

A developing Guide for the Independent Movie Maker to create and sell their movie online.

This website package includes setup of a Google+ account, Youtube channel account & Blog account with brand identity & content. A blog plugin can allow new subscribers to receive new blog posts by email.  

The Blog can also be setup with a Google Adsense Account, to earn ad revenue from Google Ads. You can also use your Adsense account to monetize your YouTube channel. 

The Blog is populated with key content (video, images, posts).  

New blog clients are provided a blog tutorial to understand how to make posts.  This blog package can range from $300 to $800, depending on your requirements.  Your hosting costs are free with a blogspot URL. You have the option to point your own domain to your blogspot URL.

Business Catalog

Hillier Water Gardens


Online Catalog to orient customers to available inventory, saving employee time when customers visit location. A problem existed with too many repeated questions about inventory, which were reduced with the online catalog, to help purchasing decisions, without requiring attention from employees. 

Entrepreneur Website

You can have a custom website with the features you need to engage your website visitors. Your website serves to pitch and explain your product/service, so that your visitors buy into you. Today, there is a growing trend for manufacturing-entrepreneurs to sell their products, directly to customers from their website, to retain the most revenue. This applies to inventors and self-publishers of books, music, movies and games.

Movie Maker Website

The Darkside Movie

Website for a feature film project in development, to contain information, videos. Links Social Pages including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+  


Filmmaker Website


Filmmaker Marketing Website.  The official business website for John Pozer, TV/Film Director, Instructor at Vancouver Film School.  Website features videos, photos, biography, credits, contact page, Amazon.com store. Social Web pages to build Community and Fan Base, in support of upcoming Projects in Development. 

Created to promote his skills. Consequently achieved his dream job, as head directing instructor, at the Vancouver Film School.

eBook Self-Publisher

Why Do Numbers Count?

Using Amazon (CreateSpace, Amazon distribution)

Social Web Pages

Health & Wellness

True Wellness Acupuncture Clinic

Website features important information for clients and includes practitioner bios, contact page, office Location Map, Price list, New Patient Form, etc.

Affiliate Website


A brochure-style website to promote an online booking appointment solution.  A simple design with articles, promotes Click4Time's Online Appointment Booking Software.